Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide Hourly Support for Businesses?    

How do I submit a Tech Request?    
You have one of three options:

  • Email
  • Submit a Service Request via our Website
  • Call us at 763-390-1317

What is "SOS"?    
Solutions Oriented Support.

Solutions Oriented Support evaluates the entire equation. Far more comprehensive, it provides answers [Support] while addressing the equation itself. Reoccurring technical problems require evaluation and successful deciphering of practices in order to eliminate its repeated generation.

"SOS" or Solutions Oriented Support achieves this goal through our "AIM" process.

What is "AIM"?   
Assess, Implementation, and Managed.

"AIM" was specifically designed for Home and Office Based Organizations with 1-50 colleagues. AIM provides a comprehensive approach to your technology, yet remains flexible and simple in its application and management. We've highlighted three key elements of what we do:


  • Discover and Evaluate your Technology
  • Ascertain its current Impact on your Organization
  • Discuss Desired Expectations based on future growth.


  • Methodical and Precise
  • Simple Implementation Action Plans
  • Scheduled Weekly Site visits 


  • Maintain on-going support and preventive maintenance
  • Take a proactive stance based on future expectations
  • Bi-Annual site visits ensure continual communication.

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